About Me

My name is Paige Decker. When I started this blog over eighteen months ago I was so symptomatic that I struggled to get out of bed. Now, over three years since my injury and one and half years since launching this website, I am training for a full marathon and can finally say that I have regained my health. 

This journey began in November 2013 while playing for Yale's Women's Ice Hockey team. During a game, I took a hit from behind and suffered a concussion and whiplash injury that turned my world upside down. While my concussion healed relatively quickly, I struggled for years to find the proper medical care to treat what many doctors completely overlooked - whiplash. While some doctors attest to the fact that whiplash is associated with lingering post concussion symptoms, there is an enormous gap in knowledge about the ways to properly rehabilitate this injury and other factors associated with Post Concussion Syndrome. 


My struggle to receive the proper care is the driving force behind this blog. Since it's launch, I've connected with hundreds of people with eerily similar experiences; too many people are fighting this battle when they don't have to be. 

I've shared my story with the hope that some of my experiences will help others struggling to understand their own injuries. While undergoing my own recovery I also co-founded a non-profit, Headway Foundation, with two of my peers to further educate and support individuals suffering from concussion, post-concussion syndrome and whiplash. 

After a number of devastating setbacks, many years of uncertainty, chronic pain and inability to exercise, I am more or less able to live a normal life now, and hope for the same for anyone reading this who is currently struggling.